Protect Your Business Against Fraud: Jukshio's solutions

What are the effects of Fraudulent practices on businesses?

Fraud generally involves multiple repeated methodologies, making ‘searching for patterns’ a general focus for fraud discovery. There are several domains that are affected by fraud. With fraudulent practices ever-evolving, it has become essential for organizations to defend against such practices and handle them preemptively.

Fraudulent practices hinder an organization's daily operations. In the domain of KYC, Government bodies apply guidelines strictly, and organizations that succumb to fraud face a myriad of penalties and lose precious person-hours, and waste resources.

What are the solutions provided by Jukshio, and the benefits?

Our clients can testify to Jukshio’s unparalleled fraud detection solutions. Using AI, Jukshio has built a document verification technology that can detect any discrepancies in the document, i.e., improper document templates, blurred documents, partial documents, or photocopies. Our solution also detects spoofed IDs where any details of the documents have been altered or tampered with.

In addition to AI, Jukshio uses a unique solutions combo that allows us to take the accuracy of the solution to 99.9998%+, which distinguishes Jukshio from other competitors in the market.

Key features of Jukshio’s solutions are:

  • We leverage AI to make our Facial Recognition and Face Liveness solutions highly accurate and precise.
  • We have created a document verification AI platform capable of extracting data and detecting any irregularities in the document, including spoofed or tampered documents.
  • We are constantly upgrading our solutions to tackle several types of fraudulent attempts to trick the system.
  • Our highly customizable solution allows clients to modify their business workflows whenever needed.
  • Our unique Human-Machine combo makes the accuracy of the solution to 99.998%+, one of the best in the industry.

Business impacts

Our solutions not only reduce any documentation-related fraud but are cost-effective and help reduce operational expenses. Our solution saved 91% of the client’s overall costs. Constant improvements and human-aided Machine Learning helped AI tackle different types of fraudulent practices used to trick the system. Our solutions are highly customizable, and their low latency and high accuracy help in faster processing speeds. Our unique approach to solution helps us achieve an accuracy of 99.998%, one of the best in the industry. Thus with the backing of clients' trust and ever-evolving technology, Jukshio’s solutions are better valued than its competitors.

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November 20, 2023