Ace compliance procedures and shield yourself against KYC fraudulence

Our AI-ML driven technology rapidly enables companies to detect fraudulence and empowers them with accurate solutions.

Internal fraud
bleeds onto your
balance sheets
and business plans

Inaction has a high cost for your organization

Customer Churn

Customer distrust that stems from the breach of sensitive personal information

Brand Risk

Creation of a negative perception of the brand’s integrity and reliability

Compliance Risk & Regulatory Fines

Companies deemed non-compliant with regulations
incur the financial wrath of the authorities

Our Comprehensive Strategy

Be proactive and stay a step ahead of fraudsters

Stop Bleeding from Fraud

Prevent deduplication and blacklist fraudulent identities

Prevent New Slashes

By equipping your organization with DFraud built for real world conditions

Deploy 360-degree Protection

With the best-in-class facial ID, compatible across ecosystems for encryption excellence

Implement auto-fill for repeat customer onboarding
following UCIC guidelines via a centralized repository

The Upsides of Leveraging
our Competence


Verify a face in a sea of faces with
99.98% accuracy in real time


Pinpoint discrepancies in documents within your existing databases

Face Liveness

Ensembled AI models that
detect face liveness and confirm the presence of the customer

30 Million Image
Checks in 4 seconds

Dashboards that furnish you with real-time insights
and seamlessly integrate the web and mobile space with quick,
precise and error-free APIs

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