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Organizations In India Faced "New Fraud" Incidents In Past 2 Years

Global fraud losses are estimated at INR 60,000 crore per year

Scams resulting in Authorized Push Payments (APP) fraud are on the rise, with 75% of online banking payment fraud originating from a trusted account and a trusted device

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Reciprocal referrals

Referring clients to each other, expanding the horizons of mutual growth.

Revenue share

Growth-based revenue sharing model to recognize your contributions



Fostering customer satisfaction through products that ensure security, compliance and streamlined operations

AI Solutions

Forging end user trust through enhanced CX and robust AI solutions processing real world conditions.

Exceeding Expectations Consistently

High Quality Leads

Access our pipeline of high quality leads and benefit from our established brand reputation

Enhanced Credibility

Leverage our AI/ML expertise to bolster your reputation and gain a competitive advantage

Higher Conversion Rates

Augmented trust fosters credibility, resulting in increased conversion rates

Broader Market Reach

Expand your market reach through our extensive network. Access new geographic regions and industries that align with your business goals.

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Leverage The Benefits Of Being A Jukshio Technology Partner


Web SDKs: React, Angular, Mobile: Android, iOS and Flutter SDK for Android and IOS App Integration


Providing assistance, resources, and guidance to help partners in creating prototypes of their products or solutions


For developers to understand all the parameters, test and integrate our APIs

A Comprehensive

Joint Deal

Collaborative assessment and alignment of mutual business deals to identify synergies

Publishing Rights

License to publish joint White papers or case studies with Jukshio

Joint GTM Alliance

License to use Jukshio brand Identity, in line with usage guidelines, referrals, listing of logo on website

Conference Participation

Invitation to present at conferences where Jukshio participates

Upscaling Capabilities

Opportunities to build your technical capabilities

Sharing Clientele

Opportunity to upsell/cross sell with our clientele

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