Protect Your Business
from Identity Theft

Highly automated online identity verification services that simplifies compliance, KYC and text extraction from documents for businesses

Multi-layered KYC++ Experience

Extract faces and text from customer’s documents and compare them against the live customer’s face and details

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Simplified KYC++

All round security and inclusivity for your platform within seconds 

Fraud detection and prevention

Dodge scammers, impostors and fraudsters with Jukshio’s state of the art technology that stops tampered documents and spoofed images in their tracks.

Proven in real world

Our offerings give the best outcomes even in low bandwidth areas and on budget to high end devices.

Cloud and Device Agnostic Platform

Enjoy the ease of deploying our versatile platform on multiple cloud platforms. 

Verify at scale across the globe

The universal nature of our platform ensures that we stay abreast of a plethora of identity documents globally.

Advantages of  KYC++

The fastest fraud detection feedback cycles in the business 

Worn out, dirty, old documents supported

Works seamlessly in low and high end devices and low bandwidth networks

End customer privacy protected, no PII stored

Cloud and Device Agnostic   - 17k+ low end and high end devices supported
- Accuracy of 99.98%, backed by 300+ models

Key benefits of our platform

Bid adieu to the inefficiencies and expense of manual
onboarding and embrace our self and assisted KYC to
onboard customers securely and economically.

Authenticate users in under a second with our 3-step verification process

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