Transforming HR Access

Realtime face recognition technology for your staff to login securely from anywhere, anytime

Attendance & Beyond

Comprehensive employee care comprising leave management, payrolls, employee documentation, and modern 3FA authentication.

Ready for Hybrid Attendance

Online and offline authentication
Real world ready with 250k daily offline mark-ins
Guaranteed authentication even in limited connectivity
Make attendance proxies a relic of the past

Key benefits of our platform

Touchless attendance
Our touchless attendance system is an effortless employee experience solution
Integration with Payroll & Leave Systems
Our platform allows for a seamless integration of leave-management and payroll systems for the reduction of extra-data processing
AI Powered Employee Engagement
Our AI Powered emotion detection mechanism can inform employee engagement and activities to improve productivity and mental health
White-label application
Customize our attendance management solution to match your brand ideals and workflows. Combine with agent KYC to ensure 3FA facial authentication, data encryption and liveness check with agent attendance monitoring. 

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