Digital Security Solutions
for a Borderless World

Building inclusivity on the edge with state of the art models that are adjusted to excel in real life situations. End-to-end KYC++ solutions that balance security, CX and corporate bottom lines.

A Rewind through the Milestones of AI

State of the Art Models 

Jukshio performs facial recognition with 99.98% accuracy under a second

 Deep neural networks 

Enhanced accuracy in facial recognition algorithms paved the way for the face to be used as a security measure. 

ML moves to data driven approach 

Advancements in vision systems evolved to identify basic objects and interpret hand-drawn shapes.

AI winter 

During the 60s and 70s, foundational algorithms were developed for image processing tasks including edge detection, image segmentation, and pattern recognition. These algorithms form the cornerstone of the intricate facial recognition systems we employ today.

This is Our Story

Our Mission

Build an inclusive, trustworthy digital eco-system powered by responsible, modern and reliable AI

Our Vision

Eliminate fraud by securing the enterprise, every identity, every time with 100% accuracy


Experts On Board


Daily Spoof
Attempts Blocked


Workforce Comprising of Women

Support For Leading Industry Standards For Privacy

Building from strength
to strength

Partnering with telecom giants to ensure that our technology is out there creating a real impact on the lives of people.


The Journey Began

Our in-house KYC solution DKYC and our attendance platform mHere go live. We bagged a huge deal for our facial recognition brainchild with a telecom giant! 


DKYC scaled across India

We verified pan India customers with our telecom partner


Edge solutions

We provided both online and offline facial identification capabilities to our partners 


Growth Continues

The business expanded from Telecom to BFSI to Retail sectors and is now branching out with our in-house security solutions

Meet the Visionaries

The architects of growth who have been integral to the Jukshio story

Sridhar Tirumala

Chief Executive Officer- CEO

Shivani Pulimamidi


Voices of Jukshio

“It's always gratifying to empower companies with a solution that ensures their security. Each sale isn't just a transaction, it is a successful mission; it's a victory against digital threats”.
Anup Nair
 "At Jukshio I found a thriving culture of innovation and collaboration.Thrilled to be part of a passionate team applying AI ML to real world problems in Telecom, Banking and Retail.”
Kishore Rajasekharuni
“Witnessing how our product transforms vulnerabilities into fortified defenses is both gratifying and inspiring. Jukshio's commitment to innovation and security has allowed me to turn my vision into reality, making each day an opportunity to empower and protect."
Neelesh Chandra Kamkolkar
Helpfulness is second nature at Jukshio. The warm and welcoming environment has made this company a true second home for employees, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie. Proud to be part of a team that feels like family."
Archana Mary
Everyday at Jukshio is full of new challenges to solve that positively impact business, society and professional growth. Inclusiveness at the workplace is crucial and I feel that it's the best at Jukshio. Kushi segment in Jukshio is for empowering girls to achieve financial freedom. Being here I feel like I am working for both business and community.
Prathamesh Tugaonkar
Over the course of my journey with Jukshio:I have learned a lot about identity verification technology and the importance of security.I have developed my skills in software development and made valuable connections with colleagues. I am proud to be a part of this team and I look forward to the future.
Amar Singh Rathour
I’ve been a part of Jukshio since the start. It is amazing seeing us develop more than 100 machine learning models and create new technologies. Every day, I learn something new here. I am very happy to be a part of team Jukshio. 
Sahithi Pokala
I began my journey as a team member in Kushi, developed my talents, and earned leadership responsibilities before moving on to operations, where I acquired further knowledge and acquired tasks in line with my work function. This position provided me with a great deal of confidence to advance in my career.
Asiya Begum Mohammed
Kushi Operations

Innovation Exemplified

A workplace that helps you stay abreast of innovation in your domain with consistent up-skilling initiatives

Ownership and Autonomy

Your potential is sky-high at Jukshio. Take the reins and keep on leading and we will have you covered.

Personal Growth

A work environment that propels you towards self-growth and transformation.

Learning Scope

We strictly steer away from traditional hierarchies to help you expand your horizons and explore interests.

Overcoming Hurdles

We encourage and accompany you towards a path of excellence to conquer the most challenging obstacles.

Create Real Impact

A work culture that fosters actions which will leave a meaningful impact on the lives of others.

Life Beyond Technology

Our values find their way into the world outside, making conscious efforts to uplift society as a whole

What Makes Us
Stand Out?

A one-of-a-kind opportunity to embark on a journey of self discovery towards career advancement.

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