SafeCrypt-Enterprise Access

Integrate privacy into every product with facial recognition

Multi - Factor Authorization

MFA That Works Everywhere

We deploy in most major apps out of the box and integrate with custom applications with minimal IT involvement, making it a scalable and secure access solution

Multiple Verification Methods

Choose the methods of authentication you would like to use

E2E Encryption with Facial Recognition

Enforce user privacy at all levels - encrypt customer data with the customer’s face as the only key

Adaptive Access - Zero Trust, Always Verify

Protect specific apps and networks

Device compliance made strict to ensure the integrity of your network

Instantly respond to changing user context

Admin Dashboards & Group Access Levels That Enable Customization Of Security Policies

Enforce access control across managed and unmanaged devices

Meet compliance standards with device access policies

Easily assess and monitor device health

Eliminate the risk of
account hijacking and
save costs